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 Access BARS  

GOT JOY?  Or are you TIRED?  STRESSED?  ANXIOUS?  FEARFUL? DEPRESSED? INSOMINIA?  PAIN?  Affecting all areas in our lives, every thought, feeling, emotion, decision, consideration, belief & attitude creates polarity by creating an energetic charge, keeping us in patterns of limitation, judgment and separation...cutting off our receiving. Over time these processes typically manifest as stress, anxiety, fear, illness, pain, depression, insomnia, etc.  Would you be willing to learn a dynamic, nurturing, relaxing process ~ "Access BARS" which consists of very lightly touching 32 specific points on the head that refer to all areas of your life, i.e., relationships, money, hopes & dreams, creativity, sex, gratitude & aging, just to name a few? The electromagnetic energy stored within these points begins to dissipate and immediately facilitates changes within the mind, body & spirit by releasing old, limiting files; similar to deleting old files stored on the hard drive of a computer.  As the old files are deleted, you free up space to allow for greater possibilities, greater consciousness and greater awareness, all the while leaving you with a sense of being present, calm, joyful and peaceful.  How does it get any better than that?

This Class is Open to Everyone.

8-hr. class includes an "Access Bars" Manual containing over 35 pages, plus you will receive and facilitate 'Running BARS' twice. 

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Please bring massage table if you have one, sheets, blanket & pillow. 

Access Foundation

Imagine what your life would look like if you let go of all the judgment, lack and limitation, and were in total allowance of everything and everyone, including yourself? What if you could just view everything as just an interesting point of view? Are you sensing the lightness and space those two questions generated already? Access Foundation offers you dynamic tools and processes to change literally everything in your life and in your body that isn't working. What are the infinite possibilities of you joining us for a class that will surely be a harbinger of Ease, Joy & Glory? In this class, not only will you receive the awareness of knowing that you will also receive a Manual filled with tools and processes to assist you in generating and creating a life filled with infinite possibilities, as well as learning a Phenomenal Access Body Process that facilitates change not only in your body but your life, also! How does it get any better than that?


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Access Level One

Have you always known you were different?  Are you willing to change the things in your life that aren't working and allow for greater possibilities, beyond your imagination?  Are you willing to adventure to the playground of Your Universe and to create, generate and institute a life that works for YOU, in lieu of you working for this reality?  Come and play with us in Access Level One ~ and know that you know!  Join us for a class that will surely be a harbinger of Ease, Joy & Glory?    In this class you will access more of you & receive way more awareness of everyone & everything, plus you'll receive a Manual packed with tools and processes to assist you in unlocking you from the Matrix of this reality and create a reality that works for you, as well as learning another Phenomenal Access Body Process! How does it get any better than that, my friends?

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5 Days to Change Your Life ~                           Access BARS, Foundation & Level One ~  This is your invitation to discover what you've always known -- that there is MORE!  This 5 days will offer you tools and processes that will start you on your journey to discovering who you truly are, to change everything in your life you'd like to change and to offer you limitless possibilities to generate a life of happiness, joy and ease. Would you be willing to show up and access the YOU that is Phenomenal & Amazing? 

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Access Energetic Face Lift

Energetic Face Lift not only rejuvenates the face and reverses the appearance of aging, but also can create similar effects throughout the entire body.   A great way for massage therapists and estheticians to expand their clientele, as well as gifting and receiving this phenomenal, dynamic process with friends or family.  Are you willing to look and feel vibrantly younger?  Are you  ready to let go of self-imposed limitations so your true beauty can shine out into the world and be the contribution you truly be to everyone and everything, including the Planet?   

This Class is Open to Everyone.

4-hr. class includes each participant receiving and facilitating Energetic Face Lift. 

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Please bring massage table if you have one, sheets, blanket & pillow. 

Access Body Processes  

Access has discovered over 50 energies that can facilitate change, transformation, consciousness, awareness and ease in your body. Each of these transformational energies are run on the body as hands-on body processes, allowing the body to begin healing itself.  Each process works in a different area and multiple processes can contribute and expand the change that is possible, including healing injuries, eliminating patterns created by drug use, creating more space in your body, in lieu of contraction ~ these are just some of the possibilities & benefits. These body classes not only give you awareness of the energies you can perceive & access, but also create possibilities of the limitless potency and power within You.  Each 8-hour day will offer 2 Body Process classes, 4 hours per class!  During class you will receive & facilitate each body process.  In addition, at the end of each class, you will be able to facilitate these processes on clients, family, friends, etc.  So, truth, are you willing to allow your body to show up as it would really like to, and are you willing to let go of all of the judgments you have locked up and solidified in your body?  Would you be willing to open up limitless doors of possibilities for your body and being to show up and commune in the elegance of oneness ... way, Way, WAY beyond your wildest imagination?  If so, step up, choose these classes, and allow the magnificent contribution and gift of the joy of embodiment, space and ease you truly be…How does it get any better than that and, truly, what else is possible?

These classes are available for Everyone and there are NO Pre-Requisites for these classes!

$$ How to Become Money Teleclass $$ -
Every Wednesday for 4 weeks ~
Your Phone, Your Home, Your Country

Are you ready to change your reality with Money? Is now the time to let go of all of your fixed points of view about what money is and all of the unconsciousness around money? What if you could generate, create and have Money show up with total ease and RECEIVE every molecule the infinite universe would like to gift to you? So, truth, would this Money Class be a contribution to you? If so, come and play with me using the tools and processes of Access, and create the prosperous life you've always known is possible, where "All of Life Comes to Me With Ease and Joy and Glory" is your new mantra. How does it get any better than this and, truly, what else IS possible?

Call Time: 8:00 - 9:00 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time)
Dates: September 18, September 25, October 2, October 9, 2013. Find Your Time Zone:

This class is a Worldwide Teleclass. You’ll receive instructions for joining the conference as soon as you complete registration and payment.

Are you willing to have different possibilities show up for you and your body and to truly BE the Joy of Embodiment?  If so, choose these phenomenal body process classes!

Please bring massage table if you have one, sheets, blanket & pillow.